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Please be patient, this page takes some time to load. All Photos by Mark Deering, Curator of Butterflies ©1999, 2000

The butterfly species depicted here are those most commonly exhibited in the Tropical Conservatory. On any specific day, there may be additional species, and some species listed here may not be in flight. When you visit the Flight House, your Butterfly Interpreter can assist with further identification.

For a larger view of individual butterflies, click on the image.

Grecian Shoemaker The Common Rose Small Postman
Catonephele numilia
Grecian Shoemaker
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Pachliopta aristolochiae
Common Rose
Papilionidae, Philippines
Heliconius erato
Small Postman
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Glasswing Clipper Small Postman var. notabilis
Greta oto
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Parthenos sylvia
Nymphalidae, Southeast Asia
Heliconius erato notabilis
Small Postman var. notabilis
Nymphalidae, Ecuador
Orange-Barred Sulphur Green Jay Blue Cracker
Phoebis philea
Orange-Barred Sulphur
Pieridae, Costa Rica
Graphium agamemnon
Green Jay
Papilionidae, Philippines
Hamadryas amphinome
Blue Cracker
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Orange Julia Great Mormon Common Mormon
Dryas julia
Orange Julia
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Papilio memnon, form agenor
Great Mormon
Papilionidae, Malaysia
Papilio polytes
Common Mormon
Papilionidae, Southeast Asia
The Malachite Common Blue Morpho Orange Tiger
Siproeta stelenes
The Malachite
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Morpho peleides
Common Blue Morpho
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Dryadula phaetusa
Orange Tiger
Nymphalidae, El Salvador
Orange Tiger The Paper Kite Banded Purple Wing
Idea leuconoe
The Paper Kite
Danaidae, Malaysia/Philippines
Myscelia cyaniris
Banded Purple Wing
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Papilio thoas
Thoas Swallowtail
Papilionidae, Central and South America
Papilio demoleus
Lime Butterfly
Papilionidae, Southeast Asia
Hypolimnas bolina
The Great Egg Fly
Nymphalidae, Malaysia
Caligo eurilochus
Owl Butterfly
Nymphalidae, Costa Rica
Attacus atlas
Atlas Moth
Saturniidae, Malaysia
Only moth in the Flight House


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