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Photos by Mark Deering, Curator of Butterflies

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Gulf Fritillary Atlas Moth Gold Rim Swallowtail
Agraulis vanillae
Gulf Fritillary
Attacus atlas
Atlas Moth
Battus polydamus
Gold Rim Swallowtail
Magnificent Owl Owl Butterfly Eggs Ruby Lacewing
Caligo atreus
Magnificent Owl
Caligo memnon ova
Owl Butterfly Eggs
Cethosia hypsea
Ruby Lacewing
Orange Tiger Orange Julia Common Crow
Dryadula phaetusa
Orange Tiger
Dryas julia
Orange Julia
Euploea modesta
Common Crow
Blue Cracker Grey Cracker Postman
Hamadryas amphinome
Blue Cracker
Hamadryas februa
Grey Cracker
Heliconius melpomene
Sapho Longwing Paper Kite Archduke
Heliconius sapho
Sapho Longwing
Idea lueconoe
Paper Kite
Lexias dirtea
Common Morpho Green Banded Peacock Common Mormon
Morpho peleides
Common Morpho
Papilio palinurus
Green Banded Peacock
Papilio polytes
Common Mormon
Cattleheart Butterfly Brown Bamboo Page
Parides photinus
Cattleheart Butterfly
Siproeta epaphus
Brown Bamboo Page
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